Gig Assistant for iOS


Next song is coming and you don´t know how to start? Don´t remember the tune? What was the number of loops again while playing chorus? Do you have to count in? How fast? The voice wants to sing the song a note lower? When did the keyboard solo start? No problem if you have Gig Assistant!

Write song sheets, lead sheets or chord sheets using text or chord annotations. Join them into songbooks and browse them while playing gigs or rehearsal. Know always what to play, how fast, in what beat, the chords the breaks and so on … . And if you need it on stage – find a torch light on board.

This is the full version without any further advertising or in app bells and whistles.... You get it all :o)


  • Running on iPad, iPhone or iPodTouch
  • Create song sheets (lead sheet, chord sheet) line by line
  • Create songbooks containing the songsheets for every set you have to play
  • Note beats per minute (BPM) for song
  • Metronome light for BPM
  • Note if you have to count in once or twice
  • Supports different chord annotations (A B C …, A H C …, Do RE MI …)
  • Note key of song
  • Copy and transpose songs simply by pressing lower or higher
  • Note beat of songs and also beat changes in songs
  • Flexible design for lines showing both text and chords if you like
  • Copy and move lines for reusage.
  • Handsome and easy to use editing view
  • Useful stage torch function
  • Use snippets for standard phrases as “Chorus” or “Verse”
  • Create and edit personalized snippets
  • Listen to the song while editing via an integrated media player
  • Send song sheets via Bluetooth from device to device
  • Send song sheets or playlist in pdf format via E-Mail