Help for Gig-Assistant on iOS (<= Version 3.x)

Help manual

What is a song?

  • A song represents all information about a song you are playing.
  • Every song has song properties and the number of lines you need know what to play.
  • This information will be displayed in a song sheet.
  • You will use a song sheet as a memo while playing.

How to display a song sheet.

  • To view a song sheet select it from the song list and press on the song properties.

How to add, edit or view songs.

  • To add a new song go to the Songs tab and press '+'.
  • To edit a song select it from the song list and either press 'Edit' or tap on a song line.
  • To delete a song select it from the song list and press the trash icon in the tool bar.
  • If the song is not part of your iPod library type song name and / or artist name into the fields using the key board.
  • If the song is part of your iPod library press the wizard button in the song name field and select the song from your library.
  • To listen to the song while editing press the iPod button in the artist field or shake the device (song must be part of your iPod library).
  • Specify the BPM of the song by tapping rhythmically or by tapping '+' or '-'. The BPM is shown via the metronome led in edit mode and in the song sheet.
  • Specify the beat of the song. For varying beats in a song please see how to specify BPMs in lines below in this help document.
  • Specify whether you have to count in and if you have to count in once or twice. Count in is shown in the song sheet with crossed sticks in the left side of the top line.
  • Specify the key of the by pressing on the 'Key' button and selecting from the list.
  • Add or edit the lines you like.

What is a line in a song?

  • A line is an information set that is displayed in a song sheet.
  • The information set can be set together optionally with a header a chord line and a footer.
  • You can choose if you want to use headers and /or chord lines and / or footers. You can mix the information set from line to line.
  • Try to keep the line list not to long as Gig Assistant is not able to anticipate when to scroll the list!

How to add, edit, duplicate or delete lines

  • If you want to listen to the song (must be part of your iPod library!) select the song from the song list and shake the device. Shaking device also opens the player in the line content editor (see below).
  • To append a new line at the end of the line list press on 'Add line'.
  • To insert a new line into the line list press on the green '+' button on the left side of the list. The line will be inserted above the referring line.
  • To edit a line tap on it. Edit the content triple or the additional properties.
  • To edit the line content press on the line content in the line edit mode. (If the line is new press on 'Tap while in edit mode'). The line content editor will open.
  • To set the number of loops for a line press on '+' or '-' in the line area of the song editor or in the line content editor.
  • For the header select a text snippet from the snippet list or enter any text you like into the text field. (Text snippets can be edited on the Snippet tab.)
  • For the chord line configure the chord and press 'Return'. To delete the last chord of the line press the Backwards Button.
  • For the footer enter the text you want to be displayed.
  • To switch from line to line in the line content editor you can press '<' and '>'.
  • To close the edit mode of a line press on 'Ok' at the bottom of the line editing area.
  • To move a line first ensure you closed the edit mode by pressing 'Ok'. Then move the line using drag and drop with the move icon on the right of the line.
  • To delete a line set the line to edit mode by tapping it and press 'Delete line'.
  • To duplicate a line set the line to edit mode by tapping it and press 'Duplicate line'.
  • Specify the beat of the line. If the beat of the line is varying from song BRM the beat variation will be shown in a line in the song sheet. To specify the header of the line.

How to duplicate a song.

  • To duplicate the song enter the edit mode and press on 'Duplicate song'. The song will be copied with the title name extended with the word copy. Be aware that the song title will not be linked to the iPod library as the title name will not be available.

How to transpose a song.

  • To transpose a song enter the edit mode and press on 'Lower' or 'Higher'. All chord lines will be transposed.
  • A song book is a set of songs you may want to play one after each other. You may also call it a set list.
  • You can create as much songbooks as you like.
  • You can add songs from your song list to a songbook one or more times. E.g. at the beginning of a set and at the end.

How to add, edit or delete songbooks.

  • To add a songbook to your songbook list press on the '+' button on the songbook tab.
  • To edit a songbook select it from the songbook list and press 'Edit'.
  • Enter a songbook name and / or a band name for the list.
  • Add songs to the songbook from the list of available songs by clicking on '+' or via drag and drop. Sort them as you like.
  • To delete a songbook select it from the songbook list and press the trash icon in the tool bar.

How to browse a songbook.

  • To browse a songbook select it from the songbook list and press on 'Open songbook'.
  • Switch from song to song by curling the page from right to left or left to right.
  • To open the songbook at a certain song page open it by selecting the song in the list of songs.

Viewing a song sheet.

  • Song sheets can be opened from the song editor or vie the songbook editor.
  • The song sheet is opened with a tool bar at the bottom. This tool bar disappears after 5 seconds in order to maximize the screen. You can bring the tool bar to foreground by tapping the songsheet.
  • To open the iPod player use the button in the tool bar or shake the device.
  • To open the torch use the torch button in the tool bar.
  • A snippet is a peace of standard text that can be put into the header of a song line by selecting it in the line content editor from the snippet list. E.g. 'Intro' or 'Chorus'.
  • You can add, edit and sort the snippets you are working with on the snippet tab the similar way you edit songs and songbooks.
  • The key setup is the way you name the keys of chords.
  • All over the world you may have different namings for keys. The key 'b' also may be called 'h' in Germany or 'si' in Spanish.
  • By selecting or changing the key setup you decide for one of three options.
  • When changing the key setup all chords will be changed to the new setup.
  • PDFs can be generated for songs sheets and for songbooks.
  • To generate a PDF go to the song or songbook press the actions button and select 'Export Song/Songbook'. The PDF will be generated and shown in the files organizer. Existing PDFs will be overwritten!
  • To view a PDF from GA go to the files organizer from the top bar in the song list or songbook list, press on the organizer button, select PDF section and them press and hold on the file you want to see.
  • PDF files can be sent by email from out the files organizer. Press on the files organizer button, select the files to be sent, and from the actions menu select 'Sent files via email'.
  • Printing PDF documents from GA is currently not supported. Request this feature if needed please.
  • To delete PDF files from your device, delete them via iTunes or go to the files organizer, select the files to be deleted and select 'Delete files' from the actions menu.